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UK Train Holidays

Those seeking a getaway closer to home will enjoy one of our tours of Great Britain and the Emerald Isle. From London's Pall Mall, to the stark landscapes of the Scotland and Ireland offers a wealth of fascinating experiences.
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Germany Train Holidays

From the dreamy spires and turrets of its fairy-tale Bavarian castles to the modest half-timbered houses of its medieval villages, Germany's super-efficient rail service is a fast track through a living history book.
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Switzerland Train Holidays

View Switzerland's dramatic peaks along the Oberalp Pass from the comfort of the legendary Glacier Express or by visiting the invigorating Swiss resorts of picture perfect Kandersteg or fashionable Montreux.
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France Train Holidays

Sample the prized gastronomy and delightful scenery of Northern France's rolling hills and endless vineyards. A visit to Paris goes without saying, but the call of the wild in Brittany is often answered.
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Italy Train Holidays USA Train Holidays

View Switzerland's dramatic peaks along the Oberalp Pass from the comfort of the legendary Glacier Express or by visiting the invigorating Swiss resorts of picture perfect Kandersteg or fashionable Montreux.
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The States are big, which is why our USA train tours are the best way to tour America. Take a walk through the streets of New York, watch the sun set over the beaches of California and enjoy a journey across the land of the free from the comfort of your carriage.
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Eastern Europe

Arctic Circle

Eastern Europe Train Holidays Arctic Circle Train Holidays

Although less travelled than many areas of Europe, holidays in East and South-East Europe have no less to offer. The fascinating blend of religions, culture and history means there’s plenty to explore from medieval churches to modern monuments.
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Witness some stunning scenery as you travel along iconic railways, immerse yourself in the history and culture of great cities and discover majestic fjords lined with pretty towns and villages..
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Scandinavia Train Holidays Russia Train Holidays

The historic ports of Scandinavia have been a melting pot of culture and trade for centuries. Take a deep lungful of the fresh arctic air, or cruise along the banks of fjord country. Scandinavian rail journeys are a way to investigate the fascinating history of these northern lands.
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Russian train travel has been amongst the finest in the world since the decadent days of the Tsars. Russia boasts a magnificent host of cities, monuments and cultural sights that extend from the borders of Finland to the coast of Japan. The Trans-Siberian Express is the ultimate journey by train.
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China Train Holidays Morocco Train Holidays

From Beijing's medley of ancient and futuristic monuments to cosmopolitan Shanghai's skyscrapers and art-deco heritage; and from the heights of the spectacular Tibet (Xizang) Autonomous Region to the karst peaks and rivers of Guizhou, China's experiences are many and varied.
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For centuries travellers have crossed shifting sands and braved mountain passes in search of mythic Morocco. They arrive dazzled by its royal palaces, extraordinary oases and spectacular feats of hospitality.

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Canada Train Holidays Mexico Train Holidays

Canadian rail journeys in spring are entrancing as new shoots break through the frozen ground, but the autumn is no less stunning when waves of orange leaves swell and break in the forests.
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Vvibrant cities, charming colonial towns and mysterious ancient Aztec ruins combine for the perfect Mexican holidays
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South Africa


South Africa Train Holidays India Train Holidays

South Africa is made of unforgettable scenery, from lofty mountains to sun-baked deserts and dramatic coastlines washed by the Atlantic and Indian oceans. Game viewing in the many parks and reserves is both spectacular and surprising.

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India is a mystical land that presents the traveller with a bamboozling array of unforgettable experiences. Apart from its ancient spiritual framework, India's vastness also challenges the imagination, being home to one sixth of the world's population. 

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Far East


Far East Train Holidays Australia Train Holidays

Asia tours offer the chance to explore some of the oldest civilisations but they're also a wonderful journey for the senses. For example, you might see pink sunsets over ancient temples, smell the spices and touch exotic produce in the markets, taste delicious dishes packed with fresh flavours, and hear the calls of exotic animals and birds in mist-shrouded jungles.

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Drenched in sunshine and glowing with affable charisma, Australia is an enticing land of vast beaches, pulsating cities and reams and reams of bushland. One of the country's greatest lures is its sense of space; a beach, patch of tropical forest or piece of sandy desert all to oneself is an easy reality.

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